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Bosses and resignations
BUSINESS | October 25, 2019
BY M.G.                                                                     &...
Learning to procrastinate
EMPLOYEE | October 15, 2019
BY M.G. At the office, we use agendas and electronic calendars, even paper sometimes without actually seeing positive results because we have a hard time prioritizing and finishing work according to plan. As a consequence, most people tend to procrastinate chores and responsibilities to take care of more satisfying issues.  During our work schedule there are alway...
When the honeymoon is over
BUSINESS | October 08, 2019
WHEN THE HONEYMOON IS OVER  BY M.G.  The alarm goes off and you turn it off; you feel tired and discouraged, like staying in bed but the idea of not showing up at the office scares you. You put yourself in that position, despite the advices and suggestions of your family and friends; if only you had the fabulous job you had a few years ago, you could ju...
Blog with passion
EMPLOYEE | August 29, 2019
BLOG WITH PASSION  BY M.G.   The terms blog, blogger y blogging have been adapted by Spanish speakers to talk about a web page where the owner, a blogger, sends messages and updates or blogs new content for his audience, while a video-blog is a blog with video.   Each day blogs get more an...



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